In this video, we take a tour around some of Motiongate in Dubai. It’s got over 27 attractions including Rollercoasters, 4D rides and live shows. It’s the only place in the world to have Hunger Games rides and also features attractions from Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Ghostbusters and loads more.

Step Up – All in is a high-energy live music and dance show inspired by the most recent installments in the Step Up film series, featuring jaw-dropping stunts, irresistible beats, and the hottest hip-hop dancers in the region! Oh, and in this video, I get to try some of the moves

What happens when someone who gets motion sickness is sent to review a theme park…find out as I get sent on the Capitol Bullet Train, part of the Hunger Games area of Motiongate Dubai.

Want to know what it’s like riding the Capitol Bullet Train in Motiongate Dubai? We strapped a GoPro Hero 7 to the front of the coaster so you can try it out from your bedroom!

Again, filmed on the GoPro, take a front row seat on the Green Hornet Rollercoaster at Motiongate Dubai

When it all gets too much and you need something a bit smoother and friendlier – the Smurf Village Express will look after you!