Here’s a different view of LEGOLAND Dubai filmed in hyperlapse on the GoPro Hero 7. We try out a few of the rides and get beyond MINILAND to see the rest of the park.

There’s a whole load of opportunities to get hands on at LEGOLAND in Dubai – with the build a city giving you the chance to recreate some of the buildings that you find in (not so) MINILAND. I managed to convince one of the master builders from the park to a LEGO building challenge – take a look and see how I got on.

Want to know more about LEGOLAND Dubai? This video gives you a sneak peek at what’s in store including a bit of a tour around MINILAND as well as the only LEGO factory in the Middle East.

For a bit of fun, I stuck the Go Pro onto the top of the mini Dubai metro train that runs through the heart of MINILAND at LEGOLAND. I think you’ll agree it’s a great view – but I’d suggest asking permission before you start touching any of the models!